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Professional dog washing and grooming in Auckland

To stay happy and healthy dogs require regular grooming and maintenance. The DogBox Grooming offers you comprehensive pet washing and grooming services that will keep your furry friend looking, feeling and smelling fantastic.
Our expert team can provide comprehensive care for your pampered pooch. Speak to us today for dog bathing, blow drying, grooming, clipping, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Operating throughout the greater Auckland area, we can work with all types of breeds and all manner of temperaments.
Contact The DogBox Grooming to make an appointment for your pet today!

Nail trimming

Coat care

Overgrown nails can be a real problem for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dogs that have nails that are too long can develop problems with their legs and hips. Keeping your pet’s nails properly trimmed will also prevent them from damaging furniture or carpet. Our team can make the nail trimming process headache-free for pet parents!

A clean, healthy and fresh smelling coat will make all the difference to your dog’s overall comfort and well-being. Making sure that your pet’s coat is regularly trimmed and groomed will keep it free from pests, dander and dead hair while also make it easier to spot skin problems. Call us today for more information.

Other treatments

The DogBox Grooming can provide everything your dog needs to stay healthy, happy and comfortable. We can remove fleas and ticks, clean your dog’s ears and thoroughly wash, dry and trim their coat. Naturally, all of our shampoos and conditioners are kind to the environment and completely safe for your pet.

The DogBox Grooming
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