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About Our Price Scheme

Our Pricing Scheme

What are the factors that influence our pricing?

Our prices are based on estimates.

There are four major considerations: size, coat type and condition, style of haircut, and temperament.

It all depends on the time spent to groom your dog based on the factors mentioned. For example, a dog that gets groomed between 6-8 weeks is typically in good condition and will not need as much pre-clipping / preparation before a bath. Whereas, a dog that has not been groomed in a while could take a good half an hour or an hour to brush out or shave off mats ( knots ).

Size matters – the size of your dog is a factor of pricing and is self- explanatory, but please understand that among breeds or breed combinations, there are variations in size. The larger the dog the longer it can take us to clip it because of more surface area, but a smaller dog does not necessarily mean easier and cheaper to groom either. Small dogs can take extra time too as it is very hard to get the clippers and scissors in their tiny areas like under the arms, paw pads and mouth.

Coat condition and type pertains to a dog having short / smooth coat, long haired, medium haired, curly / wavy, dry, double or single coat. Short- haired dogs are typically cheaper but bear in mind that those coat always shed which also affects the price.

Style of haircut affects the price too as certain styles take longer to do than others.

Difficult dogs cost more to groom. This factor is not known to us until we have started grooming the dog. Temperament does not mean aggressive. There are many shy, nervous, very young or very old dogs that do best when groomed slowly. Also, a dog with a very playful personality may be hard to groom if they are wiggly and excitable on the table. Aggressive dogs that require an extra handler to groom can likewise makes the price increase.

The best way to keep the price as uniform as possible to get on a habit of having your dog groomed between 6 and 8 weeks, or a wash and blow dry appointments in between grooms.

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